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Professional Headshots

Confidence, Approachability, Sparkle.  

Focusing on Branding and Promotional Work Professionals. It's time for the Headshot you are Proud of.

Professional Photo Retouching

Express 24-Hour Turnaround

Brand Enhancing Photoshoot

In order to be successful, you have to think successful, look successful and act successful. 
I can help with the look. photography for successful digital image in the center of Vienna with patience and passion.
You will get much more then just a picture taken.

With a picture you can make a statement, you can tell a story or leave an emotion. My job is to find the best of it all to help you stand out in this digital smog, in this world of images and information. The photograph we make, is not for you. It is for your customer, client, of future employer. 

Don't settle for being average, instead be AWESOME. Being average doesn't get you noticed, invest in yourself to standout online and be seen as someone. 


Posture, double chin removal, approachability, confidence, sparkles...this all are the details in a headshot, that make the difference.


60 minutes
1 edited and retouched pictures 

every extra picture 50,- from the selection

200 €


marketing strategy consultation
time as needed
headshot session included
20 edited pictures

every extra picture 30,- from the selection

750 €


as needed

pls write me for more details

from 50 €


as needed

pls write me for more details

from 750 €

If you buy cheap you are paying double

Sometimes we don't have the resources, time and knowledge. We take the shortcut to have the picture done...CHEAP. After that the things don't work out. No change, no profitability, no successful job application, nothing. Why? If we are lucky we will get the information to us.
So we have to do it again...EXPENCIVE. In the longer run we don't save we actually lose. Do it right at first to save the resources, time and knowledge.

Real images, real people, real emotions

Branding photography can underline your business and lower bounce off rate on your website. The investment pays of very quickly. Show the customers how you value them, by thinking about them and giving them what they need. No lies. What they see is what they get.
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I am sure I can meet your needs. Just contact me and we will make it happen. We will find the way to make you shine.

You have nothing to loose - only everything to gain.
Satisfaction guaranteed 100%, available 24/7.

Windmuhlgasse 20, 1060 Wien

Andrea   +43 681 1084 4115

What to wear to a photo session?

  • Keep accessories and jewelry simple, or skip it altogether. 

  • Stick to solidmuted colors-earthy tones, muted gem tones, monochrome, beige, grey and taupe are great examples. Those softer, neutral colors provide more focus for the people posing in the photos. NO PRINTS.

  • Low contrast outfits (if your shirt is pure white, go for lighter color bottom pieces.)

  • Flatter your figure-don't wear clothes that are entirely too tight or loose, or clothes that accentuate your insecurities. Wear something you feel beautiful in.

  • Wear sleeves or quarter-sleeves if weather permits. In my experience, the women I photograph are most insecure about the way their arms appear. Covering your arms may take the focus away from them and flatter their shape at the same time.

  • Dress in long skirts, pants, or dresses. There is just something about a long flowy dress that photographs so beautifully, and you will have so much fun wearing one!

  • Wear your hair how you like it, but typically stay away from ponytails. Typically, the looser and more flexible the style, the better!

  • Coordinate your clothing-in group photos, try to keep everyone on the same page and color palette of 2-4 colors. The best tip I recommend for a place to start your family outfit planning is to pick one item of clothing with a few colors (like mom or daughter's dress) and pull colors from that for everyone else to wear. Dress like you go together.

Mgr. Andrea Klamar Hutkova

My passion for photography goes back to my teenage years (90's) where I spent many hours of taking pictures, studying and developing in the black room.  I studied for 1 year art in Paris on La Sorbonne, while taking pictures all days long.  

Today I specialize in headshots, brand and product photography as a fundamental base for every business and marketing. With university master degree in Management I understand what is needed to stand out in this digital world.

I am a Mother of 4 living in Vienna and with this skill  I developed patience for working with people and to hear unsaid.

I also work with shy people, that hate to be photographed and really don't like the result. It is a special kind of healing photography to get comfortable in front of the camera and to boost self-confidence.

  • Business

    • headshot / corporate

    • brand photography

    • product photography

    • event photography

  • Family

    • family portrait

    • newborn

    • healing photography